Connie Young - Veterans Administration

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Over the past 20 years I have worked with many photographers on varied projects across the country. Photographer Thomas Rollins sets the highest standard for all.

It is always a privilege and an honor to work with Tom. Tom takes the time to get to know the project and expectations before the project begins. Then with utmost professionalism he approaches each subject with his goal in mind.

Tom’s compassionate approach to people puts them at ease. This comfort zone he establishes comes through in each photograph. Each expression captured is a genuine response to Tom’s kind personality.

Tom’s photos are of exceptional quality. It is always a pleasure to work with his images because there is no adjusting needed. Tom gives a finished product which saves time and resources on the production end of the project.

Tom is more than willing to go above and beyond to get that one unique photograph by using inventive techniques and equipment.

He brings his own creativity to each project which enhances the overall final results.

Tom is the perfect combination of professionalism and personality.

As a client, I immediately felt comfortable working with Tom and confident that we would be able to communicate about each project and each image. I look forward to working with Tom in the future.

Rolando Lopez Executive Director - Greater St. Louis Honor Flight

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Tom's photography helps us in our fundraising events and to capture the excitement of a trip to Washington D.C., capturing the image is done with gentleness, care, and the conviction to create work that will be remembered by the Veteran and their Family. This chapter of the Veteran's life is told with Passion for the Hero and Respect for the Sacrifices they have made for our country. His photography makes a difference in the lives of Veterans, their Families, and for the history of Our Country.

Tom's photography helps us in our fundraising events and to capture the excitement of a trip to Washington D.C., capturing the image is done with gentleness, care, and the conviction to create work that will be remembered by the Veteran and their Family. This chapter of the Veteran's life is told with Passion for the Hero and Respect for the Sacrifices they have made for our country.

His photography makes a difference in the lives of Veterans, their Families, and for the history of Our Country.

Darin Hendry Supervisor, Capital Risk Management - AmerenUE

Thomas Rollins Photography

The enlargements arrived today and they are incredible. Tom, I'm sure you've heard this a thousand times before but you have an amazing eye for getting the "great shot". You don't just take pictures, you capture moments, feelings, and energy! Also, the images you sent earlier in the week have already been made available to the entire company through our company electronic newsletter and on the home page of our internal company web site. Since making those photos available I have received dozens of emails, phone calls, and stops in the hallways, telling me how wonderful the photos are and how they eloquently captured the moment. You sir, get a star and a very sincere thank you for all your efforts.

Carol Fleming Marks - Ceramic Artist

Thomas Rollins Photography

As a clay artist, I think in terms of texture and mass to tell my story; and so I marvel at how Tom seeks those same qualities in his photography. Working in wet clay, the time line is slow, creating, drying in stages, glazing and firing all in 3 weeks.

Tom's great talent is manifested in not weeks but can be in 1/16th of a second. I admire the way Tom uses his highly developed eye and lifetime of experiences to capture the story, using texture, color, and light.

Michele Rutledge Vice President - Wings of Hope

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Tom has been a long-time supporter of Wings of Hope, an organization nominated for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. Critical to the work he does, and the reason for its stunning presentation, is that he brings his heart and soul into his subjects. A global Humanitarian charity, Wings of Hope has a wide variety of images to capture, and Tom successfully portrays the human spirit and its longing for Peace in every shot. A consummate professional, Tom’s gracious and thoughtful demeanor puts everyone instantly at ease. Wings of Hope is grateful for Tom, his dedication to evoking stunning images which tell volumes, and for his continued support of our Mission.

Carl DauBach Executive Director, Clifftop - Pen DauBach Secretary Treasurer, Clifftop

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a Tom Rollins image is worth all of that plus a couple million dollars. Tom's nature photography volunteer work with our small non-profit land trust in Southwestern Illinois has galvanized support for natural area preservation and directly contributed to our garnering $2 million dollars in foundational support for natural area land acquisition.

Tom consistently translates his reverence for nature into distinctive and gripping landscapes that capture the mystery and majesty of our natural world: the art of nature and the nature of art are indivisible. His imagery is a cause for celebration, an invitation to reflection, and a call and catalyst for stewardship and conservation.

Tom’s selfless volunteerism is unparalleled. Several years ago whooping cranes visited our area for the first time in more than a century. Although busy and involved in another event, Tom quickly re-routed his schedule to walk through a marshy, partially frozen field to document this improbable and rare migratory stopover with masterful creativity.

His work and spirit of volunteerism also has aided conservation on a statewide basis. Tom gave pro bono use of one of his finest images – Talus Slope with Bluebells – to Vital Lands Illinois for their first public announcement of this statewide effort to improve land conservation in the state. The image and the effort continue to inspire this important work in Illinois.

Walter Blessey - Chairman of Blessey Marine

Thomas Rollins Photography

Photographs by Tom, in books, multi-media presentations and in print, do one thing, get your attention! Over many years, I have watched his work evolve into an art form covering travel, fine art, commercial and environmental. On location, he captures the essence of the place then adds the beauty. In maritime, he wraps his marine knowledge on safety and operations into an environment that enables him to capture images which reflect the best of our marine industries. He knows how to convey information and beauty in what ever his subject matter.

The only negative comment, “he is not a good gin player”.

Chris Kuban - CEO of Chemistry Multimedia, LLC

Thomas Rollins Photography

Preserving the sensitive emotions of inspirational moments is the key to Tom Rollins' success. Reliability, creativity, and hard work are all words I could use to describe his approach to getting the job done. His innovative approach to capturing memories that move the audience is truly original. I enjoy working with Tom and would strongly recommend him for future projects.

Robin Feder - Executive Director – Central Institute for the Deaf

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Tom has developed a special relationship with CID students. He has become their friend and mentor and through his photographs has been able to convey in extraordinary ways the human stories of our students and their families. He has great vision, talent and heart that show through in his exceptionally moving photos.

How to teach a deaf child to talk? Photographer Tom Rollins and designer Michael Kilfoy take you through the doors of a uniquely St. Louis institution to answer this question in a direct visual way. The new book, CID: A Journey, features photos of our children, school, staff teaching, field events and families. This project has taken Tom over 3 years and 5000 images to complete. The students of CID would celebrate when Tom was on campus as he brought excitement and fun. He has developed a class of “Cha Cha Cha Photography” for our deaf students. In celebration of our 95th anniversary this book has been released. All proceeds will go to help in the education of our gifted children. This project was Tom’s idea, but we quickly all became team members as we worked together to make this a reality. CID is forever grateful for his commitment of time and his skill as an artist.

Walter Crawford - Founder & Executive Director of World Bird Sanctuary

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The World Bird Sanctuary has been extremely fortunate to have Tom Rollins as its staff photographer for over eighteen years. Tom’s love and concern for nature and wildlife is evident in his photographs. He has the ability to excite all those who view his work and they immediately share his love of what he does and they want to become involved. His work transcends the normal by artistically capturing the beauty of nature. Not only does he enjoy photographing wildlife, he also has a deep interest in nature and also cares for the staff and volunteers of the World Bird Sanctuary. His work at WBS helps focus everyone who views his photos on the mission of education and preservation of the environment. Following his former training as a Marine, he is committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Because of his work, we will leave the world better than we found it for the next generation.


Anita & David Nash - Fine Art Collectors

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Collecting Tom’s work brings us great pleasure. Some images, though taken years ago, are still interesting and timely. When you collect an artist's work, you learn a lot about the type of person they are and what they value in life. We like what we see. His images cover a multitude of subjects from portraits to landscape. He also steps into an area in which he will delight us in creating images in a pure art form of patterns, light and color. His Polaroids are so unique and colorful they light up a room with interest and excitement. We look forward to adding to our collection.

Keith Rhodes - President of ACG of St. Louis

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Tom is an amazingly creative artist who understands business and is passionate about his work: this is a combination difficult to find and even harder to beat. In addition, he is one of the kindest human beings I have ever met. If you want your project to be successful and exceed all expectations, you will want Tom on your team.

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